Monday and Tuesday

A couple of days filled with experiments in free form training. No sets, no times, no numbers.Just movements for feeling. Trying out new things such as hands off pull ups (pull up hard, release grip, re-grip, repeat) and burpees transitioning to pull ups, single arm...

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Friday morning we put a couple of guys through a damn grueling workout.Modified FRAN, 100/100, BAM! and more, all in one day. High quality stuff!Good job Randy and Mark. As stated, all star status. Did a bunch of randomness on Friday, call it all day open source...


BAM! (for time) 20 bodyweight squats15 ft agility ladder drill forward, two feet in each10 push ups15 ft agility ladder drill lateral, two feet in each40 bicycle crunchesRepeat circuit three times as fast as possible.Round one with 40 lb. X-vest 3:41REST FIVE...


Put on the 40 lb. vest and worked through the group workout.Kettle bell tosses, single arm rows, lots of jumping jacks, push ups, burpees, sledgehammering the tower. Good sweaty stuff.

Easiest thing in the world

One cup soy milkOne cup oatmealOne scoop Jay Robb chocolate whey protein powder fat-9g (saturated 1.5g)carbs-60g (fiber 9g, sugars 6g)protein-42gpotassium-690mgsodium-300mg