Athletes and judges, please arrive by 8:30am for standards and heat assignments.

25 Lateral jump burpees
Run 500 meters
With the remaining balance of 7 minutes, perform AMRAP:
5 Thrusters
5 Pull Ups

Score is total thrusters & pull ups

Advanced-115/75, chest to bar/chin over bar
Intermediate-95/65, chin over bar
Beginner-65/45, chin over bar, band assist accepted

1 rep max ground to overhead, anyhow, in 4 minutes
You will be required to state your opening weight.
Warm up bars will be available.
From the word go, you will have 4 minutes to complete a 1 rep max barbell ground to overhead, anyhow.
The bar must be controlled at the top for a 2 count.
Athlete is allowed as many lifts as needed in 4 minutes.
Weight can be added by athlete at any time.
At 4 minutes, time will be called and any lift in progress will be called a no rep.

300 meter sandbag trail run for time

2 minutes, max barrier box jumps
2 minutes, kettlebell snatches
2 minutes, barbell ground to overhead anyhow
2 minutes, american kettlebell swings
2 minutes, barbell overhead squats

Each rep is worth one point.
Wild card: 15′ rope climb may be used at any time for 5 additional points, as many times as you see fit.

Advanced-95/65, 1.5/1 pood
Intermediate-75/65, 1.5/1 pood
Beginner-65/45 pound barbell, 1pood, .5 pood

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6 Responses to “WOD!!!”

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  • Juan says:


  • SW says:

    For WOD 3, I’m just going to do rope climbs.

  • Soooo…….how about in my stupidity, I mimicked a friend and a wall by punching it……though yelling “Crossfit”……I think the wall won guys. Gripping my steering wheel just became hard. Am thinking I hurt my metacarpals. Will wait til am to see how my hand feels, but doubt I’ll be competing. -_- any crossfitting Dr’s that have an opinion? (other than “dumbass”)

  • dm says:

    great times folks…
    the party rolls on.
    some really good effort by all.
    saw a lot fo folks push harder than ever before.
    look out for the next one soon.
    check the CF 305 facebook page for photos

  • Juan says:

    It really was a great time. Had a blast, wodded, ate, drank beer and got to know a lot of people or box.

    Had a sh*tload of fun. Happy B-day Dom.

    Hope we can repeat this a couple of times a year at CF305. Its a great glimpse at competition no matter what level you are at, I my self found it very motivating.

    Gaby has a bunch of pictures and will be putting them up in the next couple of days.