Wednesday the 4th of May, 2011

Press 5-5-5+ (65-75-85% of your training max)
Add 5 pounds to your training max today

Rest as needed

5 minute AMRAP:
5 handstand push ups
25 double unders
5 minute AMRAP:
5 muscle ups
25 sit ups
5 minute AMRAP:
5 burpees
25 meter sprint

Food Delivery Service is about to start.  Please email if you have not done so already so that we can accommodate you.

Coach notes: Do not rest between AMRAPs. 25 meter sprint is inside of gym with cones set to 41 feet for an out and back. Sub for hspu is db press. Sub for double unders is paralette jumps. Sub for muscle ups is shoot throughs.

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7 Responses to “Wednesday the 4th of May, 2011”

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  • dm says:

    Hook that grip.

  • Chad says:

    Good wod this morning, lots of gymnastics strength work. Sit ups and muscle up combo definitely let’s you know something about your midline stability.

  • Adam says:

    Agreed. Liked this one a lot. Format keeps it interesting. Happy to get back to the daily unknown. Situps were hard. Good work, Dan. 6,3,and 10 rounds RX, moderate pace.

    One thing is clear. This shoulder thing isn’t going away by itself. Strict presses hurt. Push press not so bad. Weird spot.

  • Matty says:

    Oh How I miss my Crossfit 305!!! I just finished up here at Ft. Jackson and head to Ft. Benning tomorrow… Thanks to Dan & Peter I had the highest PT score in the Battalion… (6 Companies of about 200 soldiers each) but all the hard work is dulled by the Army PT so I can’t wait to get back to crossfit this summer!
    I miss you guys!

  • wess says:

    Nice job, Matty!! seems like nothing is ever too tough for ya’

    Fun one today-some strengths and some weaknesses.5 rounds/2 rounds+2 MU’s/7 rounds +1

    dubs took it out of me, again. and the MU’s were harder than usual!?

  • Doodles says:

    Great Job Matty!
    Keep us informed as you go!

  • Dominic says:

    Worked up to 175×10

    5k row
    24 and change

    3 sets of 10 GHD/10 push ups