Wednesday the 14th of March, 2012

Push Press 3-3-3+ (70-80-90%)

Rest as needed

For time:
Row 500 meters
20 Handstand push-ups
30 Toes-to-bar
75 pound Push press, 50 reps
Run 500 meters

18 minute time limit

Coaches question: What will the fastest time on this WOD be?

Happy Hour/Meet Up is this Saturday at the Stage! We are getting started at 8:30pm. Facebook event is here.

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10 Responses to “Wednesday the 14th of March, 2012”

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  • Zorro Blanco says:

    15 minutes ago the cap was 18 minutes…….hmmmmmm

  • DM says:

    It’ll keep dropping too…

  • adam says:

    8 min 45 secs

    2 min row with transitions, 1 min HSPU, 2 min ttb, 2 min pp, 1:45 run.


  • Borro Zlanco says:


    15 internet dollars on Chad

  • Sebastian says:

    12 minutes burpee hater

  • joseph says:

    1 hour and 10 minutes indoor bouldering

    5 rounds for time (at crunch)
    50 dubs
    25 kb swing (russian) 75 #
    12 32 in box jump

    Forgot to hit go on the watch!!!!

    100 situps

    Can you believe there is nowhere to do handstand push ups at crunch? All mirrors.

  • Bianca says:

    SJB and Miss Becky…. Awesome!!!!!
    Adam….amazing!!! Of course you beat that someone!!!

    Uuuummmmmm….games WOD 12.4…. More freaking squats!!!!! Muscle ups!!!!! My arms just got weary watching that grueling 12 minutes. Oh , how I wish dubs came first in that sequence. It’s been fun up until now…. Thank you creative, 305 master planners for all the fantastic double under, wall ball, goblet squatting, and muscle up practice this week. Are you sure one of you aren’t connected to headquarters????? I mean, we did switch to push press skill training before WOD 12.3 and some solid snatch practice before WOD 2….

    I’m rooting for everyone attempting this one! Good luck team 305!!

  • Yamakoa says:

    7x 2 Snatch Grip High Pull + Hang Snatch

    Snatch Grip Push Press

    25 KCal AirDyne / 25 Kb swings – rest 2 mins x 3 rounds
    Way too battle Dom!

    Amazing link. Should be required viewing for anybody who enjoys physical culture.
    Am I mistaken in thinking that one those guys was the one who won the 12.1 exercise contest?