Kettlebell Swing: We are using a standard CrossFit American Kettebell Swing. Weight starts from the hang position and must be locked out directly overhead. The athlete may choose to swing or two handed snatch the kettlebell. Ears must show in front of biceps at the top of the rep. Any drop will result in a NO REP.


Dumbbell Snatch: The bell starts from the ground for each repitition with both ends of the bell making contact before lifting. The bell must be locked out overhead with knees, hips, shoulder, elbow and bell in one straight line. Any drop will result in a NO REP.


Muscle Up: Rings will be pre-set for height. A good rep starts from full hanging extension with turn out and finishes in a fully controlled elbow lock out on top of the rings.


Chest to bar pull ups: A good rep starts from full hanging extension and finishes with the athlete making contact with the pull up bar between the clavicle and the sternum. Kipping is allowed.


Box Jump: Two foot take off to two foot landing. Full control and a stand up position must be exhibited on top of the box prior to a good rep being called. Stepping down is allowed. Stepping up is not.


Sprint: This will be an out and back sprint with a staffed turn around clearly marked.


Thruster: The bar must pass through a below parallel squat and continue in one fluid motion to a locked out over head position with knees, hips, shoulders and bar in one straight line.


Burpee: Starting from a standing position, the athlete must make contact with the ground with both chest and thighs, then return to the standing position and jump, clapping hands behind head while airborn.

Deadlift: The bar must start from the floor and reach full extension of hips and knees with shoulders behind the bar. Hands must be released from the bar in between reps.


Ground Shoulder Overhead: The bar must start from the floor, pass through a front squat, and then finish in a fully locked out overhead position.


Row: The athlete must stay seated on the rower until the prescribed distance has been fully completed. Unstrapping prior to passing required distance is allowed, but rear end must remain in contact with the seat until distance is met.


Wall: All athletes will be required to clear a 6′ wall. Failure to do so will result in a DNF.


Snatch: The barbell must start on the ground, and in one sweeping motion be lifted to an overhead position. Prioir to a call of good rep, the athlete must pass through an overhead squat, below parallel and return to standing under control. No contact with the shoulder is allowed.
Double under: A good rep will be called when feet have struck the ground after a jump rope has passed through two revolutions.


Handstand Push Up: A good rep starts from a controlled handstand position. The athlete must lower them selves and make contact with a target before pressing back out to a controlled handstand. Feet must start and finish against a wall. Kipping is allowed.


Rope Climb: Hand must make contact with designated marker prior to a controlled descent. Failure to make clear contact with the marker or to control descent will result in a NO REP.

Not all movements are for all divisions.
WOD 1 will be announced Wednesday. WOD 2 will be announced Thursday. WOD 3 will be announced Friday. WOD 4 will be announced Saturday.
RX competitors will have additional work.

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