Athlete of the Month June, 2012

Danny Palacios

A regular at the 6am class, he has shown that crossfit is his kind of workout. He came in as a pure novice and in a relatively short time has managed to find his groove at Crossfit 305. While at 305, Danny has gained strength and his skill set has improved as well. When Danny nailed his first muscle-up, nobody was surprised. His steady efforts and practice made it a reality.  Danny is very well liked and is a great guy to have around. When asked about his personal philosophy, he stated “HTFU People!”  We look forward to more “Firsts”  from Danny.

You’re the August, 2012 Athlete Of The Month.

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12 Responses to “Athlete of the Month June, 2012”

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  • Yamakoa says:

    Congrats man!
    Now can you bring back the beard. I heard your squat went down by a 100 lb the day you shaved it off.

  • wess says:

    Well deserved bud, congrats!

  • Litza says:

    Congrats Danny you rock!!!

  • Joey says:

    Nice work Danny!

  • DM says:

    World’s Strongest Accountant ™

    Jack Reid
    Strongman and CPA by profession. Tax columnist & owner of CPA firm. In older age, called himself “the world’s strongest CPA”.

    In addition to his pull-up strength, Reid could do 20 consecutive handstand pushups – probably a record for his weight class at that time (ca 1939).

  • K2 says:

    Yay Danny! congrats!

  • Frankie G says:

    Danny, well deserved! Keep up the great work. Congrats

  • becky says:

    my partner in WOD! so proud of you Danny, youve come a long way!!! 2 athletes of the month from 6:00a.m….anyone still have anything bad to say about us????6:00a.m. RULES!!!!!

  • Congratulations, well deserved! Mr. Consistent.

    At this rate, by December there will be no 6AMers who have not made Athlete of the Month–so they will have to pick me! My plan is nearing fruition! >Muh-ha-ha<

  • Is this “athlete” for June or for August? Get your dates straight people! You are an embarrassment to HQ!

  • office says:

    June! We had some catchin’ up to do!

  • Kendra J says:

    Good job Danny!
    6AM Crew Doing’ Work!!