Wednesday the 15th of July, 2012

3 rounds for time of:
40 Double Unders
30 Wall Ball shots 20/12
20 Burpees
1 rope climb 18′


Please remember to sign in for your classes! Our class size is limited to promote quality & safety!

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8 Responses to “Wednesday the 15th of July, 2012”

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  • Miss Understood says:

    Was there an 11am class today?

  • Chad m says:

    Yeah it was awesome!

  • Miss Understood says:

    Where are our scores? It was awesome!

  • chad m says:

    you got me there! lost in the sauce i’m afraid. i think you got 16:32 if i am not mistaken? RX SON!

  • Miss Understood says:

    Rx+ Son. I believe I got 16:30. Thanks Chad

  • chad m says:

    in my class RX for ladies is 14# wallball. I’ll give you the plus if you hit the 10′ target though!

  • DM says:

    To much focus on RX and time, not enough focus on strength and skill building. People that always go RX rarely mention it and don’t care about times until times really count.

  • Yamakoa says:

    SuperSet in between each set 5 Chin Ups

    Incline Dumbell Press 2×12 with 50 lb Db
    Superset with 10 bodyweight rows

    1 max rep Push Up with Slingshot: Forgot # but felt like I could go forever

    Conditioning – a la Martin
    50/40/30/20/10 – Airdyne KCals / Dubs