Monday the 10th of September, 2012

In 20 minutes, build up to a one rep max for Front Squat

Rest as needed

4 rounds for reps
3 minute AMRAP, 1 minute rest
5 Burpees
7 Air squats

Compare to 4.30.12


Optional Supplement:
Floor Core 1, 3 efforts

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10 Responses to “Monday the 10th of September, 2012”

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  • Joey says:

    Hot damn!!!! Pedro 358? I’ll have what he’s having!! Great score

  • chad m says:

    awesome crossfit box names, guess which one is real!

  • Dom C says:

    225lb PR

  • Kendra J says:

    Woohoo PR to #195 today!

  • PANOS says:

    I watch pedro move through the rounds. Virtuosity is hard to find. He has it. Full ROM on both movements. 100% legit!

  • Chad m says:

    Pedro definitely holds it down for the 6am crew! We need to have a Pedro V. Schloimy battle for 6am supremacy!

  • Loren says:

    I thought I was the only one who couldn’t take his eyes off Pedro’s double ROM. If it wasn’t for Pedro, I’d have had more REPS.
    Actually, pretty happy that I improved 50 reps from last time.

  • B says:

    All these PRS are so incredible!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  • Smarge says:

    155 not 135

  • Yamakoa says:

    Bench 10×2 @ 165 lbs with blue and black bands

    Press 10×2 @ 75 lbs with blue and black bands

    Kroc Rows 12 each hands

    10 AirDyne KCals on the minute for 12 minutes