Tuesday the 18th of September, 2012

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For time:
30 Clean and jerk (185/123)

Rest as needed

4 x 400 meter run on 4 minutes


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7 Responses to “Tuesday the 18th of September, 2012”

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  • Moret says:

    “no f–king way I’m doing 60 burpees now”

  • PANOS says:

    Moret, It was actually 100. See those finger chalk dots?

    “They are finally going to name a WOD after me”

    “Death to Danny”

  • DM says:

    Call the Wambulance, somebody’s got an owee.

  • Loren says:

    He looks like my 7-year old son on Christmas: “A-w-w-w, look at him, he went to bed with his favorite gift–a 70 pound kettlebell.”

    BTW my 7-year old does not have a neck beard.

  • Juan says:

    No Comment, I am just glad i was not the only one on the floor after that WOD.

  • Adam says:

    This looks like a crime scene. Hit and run. Let me know if you need a witness.

    Joe – not sure how you found that but it’s an absolute gem.