Tuesday the 2nd of October, 2012

Take 20 minutes to establish a Hang Power Snatch max

Rest as needed

Snatch 30 reps for time (135/93)


Sign up for the iPad Nutrition Challenge HERE!

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4 Responses to “Tuesday the 2nd of October, 2012”

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  • DM says:

    The Nutrition Blog is firing back up….

    Here’s a helpful link to the Whole 30.

  • isabel says:


  • K-Roc says:

    Is Whole 9 the same nutrition as Crossfit Football?

  • DM says:


    CFFCB & W30 are similar but not the same. Read ‘em both. They both have good stuff. We’re using the Whole 30 as it cuts out most things that people are intolerant to, to sort of reset the body. CFFB allows some dairy (picky about quality) for power athletes looking to bulk up. If you’re looking to bulk up, CFFB is great. If you’re looking to add lean muscle mass and cut fat/get ripped in addition to improving most quantifiable health markers, Whole 30 is where it’s at. I strongly encourage those that embark on the Whole 30 journey to get blood work before and after.