Thursday the 4th of October, 2012

7 rounds for quality
3 DB snatches/ arm
6 Handstand push-ups
9 Toe to bar
12 Box jumps

Adjust the difficulty on one or all exercises as you see fit. Example: go heavier with DB, add deficit to HSPU, Perform T2B strict, add height to box.


Optional supplement
Weighted elbow plank hold (45lbs) Accumulate 3 minutes total time.

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40 Responses to “Thursday the 4th of October, 2012”

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  • Lynnie says:

    ooh Chuck got some serious air there!

  • j weezy says:

    Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, I mean Chad McKay

  • DM says:

    Like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives.

  • K-Roc says:

    I motion to remove clocks from the workouts. They are becoming a hindrance to progression and ultimately safety as evidenced by current feedback below. Scary statements.

    pat “Usually I’m not focusing on technique, just trying to get through the workout fast this is a good change”

    Analys “I loved it. I dont normally get a chance to practice hand stand pushups like that, focusing more on the form and not so pressured on time.Good to do once in a while.”

  • Lynn says:

    I have never felt like my technique has suffered (only improved) due to clock watching. While I trust that my coaches are keeping a close eye, and are always ready to correct something or help me to improve upon a movement. There has to be a reasonable balance in doing things for time or otherwise for oneself. I believe it’s a must have a realistic view of that commitment for yourself. The clock is an integral part of many of the workouts, and I personally enjoy the challenge.

  • PANOS says:

    Thanks but that will never happen. Crossfit is changing lives daily. The impact is so far beyond anything a non believer could understand. The clock is an integral part of the equation. So are the coaches that we breed to deliver our message and what we believe crossfit should be. Progress is defined by the individual based on what their goals are. Thats for them to decide. So is coming to crossfit to begin with. Their is a reason for the clock. It works. Thats being said we need days like today more often. People will learn so much about what they could do once the clock is off. However, when the clock is turned on they get a chance to test what they have been practicing. I always tell people that class is an opportunity to show off what you have been practicing outside of class. Those who embrace that really benefit from Crossfit. Corssfit is more than a program, it is a practice. It has worked for me. But what do I know.

  • K-Roc says:

    The sacred clock is merely one tool meant to be used as a vague guide for progression. However, no matter the implement, when said tool begins to take away from safety by forsaking technique as conveyed in earlier statements, it is no longer a benefit. Weight training requires focus on the movement at hand otherwise injury results. No trainee’s technique has ever improved while trying to beat the clock. Fast is not smooth, smooth is fast and impeccable technique is smooth as well as safe.

  • K-Roc says:

    Peter: It’s the energy expenditure (workouts), nutrition, caloric balance and self determination that change the physical, camaraderie of group activity enhances the emotional. What ever the brand my be (“Crossfit”) is irrelevant. What matters are the 2 members admitting to abandonment of proper form and feeling pressured to finish a WOD due to time worries. Sounds dicey to me. The clock is now the focus, it would appear the mind-muscle link has taken a back seat.

  • U Don't Know My Name says:

    Form first, Rx second and clock third. I liked that we got to go up in height and weight, otherwise, today wasn’t any different for me. After receiving a wonderful tip from Sabrina (Thank You), I’m starting to link my T2B… I LOVED THAT I GOT SO MUCH HELP WITH THAT TODAY.

  • PANOS says:

    We train our members in good technique. We scale those that dont have it. I agree, the clock isn’t the only measure of progress. However it is a measure. A big one. I always tell people that the WOD is an opportunity to test what you have been practicing. Practice is the key. When people practice they learn what they can potentially do in a WOD. Think about this, If you can front squat and press heavy loads dont you think your thruster at 95lbs will be easier and faster which makes your Fran time faster? Thats progress measured by the clock but greatly influenced by the clean training that happens away from the clock. Oh and by the way be gentle to the rowers. Try rowing a 500 meter row on 1 damper in under 1:30. Maybe that way you wont break any more handles.
    Also dont ever think that we are ok with bad technique. Pat saying he isn’t focussing on technique is due to his desire to finish fast. He has done the training, his body knows what to do, now he is able to move relatively large loads safely. Thats all. You missed the point of those comments. Bigtime.

  • K-Roc says:

    Light weights with fast questionable technique to beat the clock makes for an impressive Fran time I suppose, but at what cost to the body. Of course if you are front squatting and pressing 200lbs, 95lbs is a joke.

    Coaching of technique is not in question, never was. Perhaps you should re-read the blog. Pat saying he isn’t concerned with technique is because he’s trying to be a couple seconds faster than last time, so he will do what ever it takes to eclipse that time and doesn’t care what technique he uses to get there. Once again, no bueno.

    Until the rower handles are steel, I guess I’ll continually be adding to my “bone yard” of handles.

  • U Don't Know My Name says:

    “The Clock” is one of the main ingredients in CrossFit, but I think it’s stressed too much. I think people should be able to finish their WOD no matter how long it takes.

  • I never knew we were supposed to be doing workouts for time?!
    Ah! It’s a profit deal!
    I thought the clock was there just to tell me when to clean up for the next class!
    Now I get it!
    Tomorrow, I will be much faster.

  • PANOS says:

    K-roc what’s worse, watching bad deadlift form with massive loads or watching people throw around light weights? And for your information front squatting 300+ and pressing 200 does make 95 feel a hell of a lot easier. That’s the point. No néed to think about technique at that point. It’s engrained. Pat and Analys are doing fine.
    Don’t break the handles please.

  • K-Roc says:

    Both scenerios are bad news. However, I find much difference in besting 1 rep PR’s with a break in technique due to muscle overload, as opposed to displaying sloppy reps in hopes of completing a WOD in time. There’s zero excuse for poor form with weights that are well below submaximal levels. In either case focus should not waiver from task at hand. Mind-Muscle link, not Mind-Clock link. When we begin to consciously trump our form for a few seconds less WOD time, integrity of standards are compromised. A non timed workout or one with clock out of view eliminates the “pressure” of time.

    If anything should be encouraged during training, it is heart rate monitoring. Before warmup, during warmup, during exercise, during rest, before bed and when you wake up. Do yourself and your health a favor, ditch the clock and replace it with a heart monitor. Make adjustments in training according to what/how the heart is doing/adapting to the exercise stimulus, not an arbitrary # of mins/seconds.

    What can I say, I row with purpose, handles are cheap plastic, breakage occurs. We move on. Not abuse of equipment, hard training.

  • PANOS says:

    Well we sell Crossfit. Your obviously not buying. Mind muscle connection, Duh. Beat the clock? More like finish fast. Finish first. Its not for everybody. But it seems to be catching on. Ill reiterate, it changes lives. Changed mine.

  • Jim Lehrer says:

    Uh…gentlemen…I think your two minutes are…I’d like to get to the next quest..

  • chad m says:

    K-roc most of those are straw man arguments re-iterated from power lifting blogs, intentionally manipulating the quotes that i probably didn’t even write down correctly.

    If you see anyone with unsafe form feel free to make spot corrections.

  • Objective Opinion says:

    It sounds like someone has very different philosophy on how to train properly than the powers that be at 305. Rather that argue a point that you will not win, open an alternative (your style) and leave the rest of us who love (and benefit in a positive way) the Crossfit 305.

  • Joey says:

    I’m just pissed Panos didn’t ask Katie and i for our “impressions”

  • Objective Opinion says:

    @DM dang, where were you earlier???

  • Eva says:

    I tend to ignore the clock because I’ve got a long way to go to build a strong core, and my time is not an issue, because anything I do right now is helping me. I do appreciate the challenge of a running clock to track my progress. ie, I could do 1 pushup in so many mins, now I can do more. I could run so far without stopping, now I can run more. No amount of cheers, jeers, or ticktocking will force me to go faster if I feel shaky 11 feet up on a rope and need to take a moment to breathe in a safe foot lock, or get dizzy during a run, and I just physically can’t add on more weight for lifts if I’m not practicing proper technique. Having watched CrossFit for a long time before joining in, I recognize that there are some competitive types that will sacrifice form for ego, and that’s unfortunate and defies commonsense, but if you’re more interested in being “better” than someone than bettering yourself, it’s bound to happen. Mustering up the willpower to push yourself to pump out 3 more reps you never thought you’d be able to do to in order to finish a WOD before time is up is an awesome feeling, and days like this are great for checking in with ourselves to figure out what we might be capable of to execute safely.

  • PANOS says:

    @eva- finally someone is talking while saying something. Brilliant!
    That’s why I love you.
    @ Joey-shit your right. I guess the mood was ruined. Mt apologies

    It’s nice to debate about things. No love lost here. I still think Crossfit is the most fun I have ever had working out. Im totally addicted

  • DM says:

    If anyone needs anyone’s e-mail address or phone number for personal discussion, I can provide.

    According to Wikipedia a troll is “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

  • K-Roc says:

    There is no mention of superiority of training method in discussion. One-armed jumping jacks will work if you do them correctly. The topic is clock use as a poor indicator of progression and its over emphasis resulting in compromise of technique and ultimately safety.

  • PANOS says:

    Oh this is sooooo on topic.

  • PANOS says:

    What would be your proving ground for training methods?

  • K-Roc says:

    Peter, you’re comprehension is lacking. There is no “proving grounds” to speak of. It’s all about clock over emphasis.

  • Confused Analys says:

    Who’s K-roc? Quoting me to support a point which I do not agree with?


    No likey clocky?
    There is always L.A. Shitness! I mean Fitness :)

  • K-Roc says:

    K-Roc is Kevin. You’re quote is supportive of the “pressure” u feel during the timed WODS for completion.

  • DM says:


    K-Roc can be found here:

    We all have opinions, just like we all have bowel movements.

  • Pat says:

    Wow this is a lame waste of time…but here goes. My comment was completely taken out of context. I answered while i was still out of breath from the workout without giving it much thought. What we were talking about was boxjumps because during yesterday’s workout i focused on the bounce out of the bottom… not even discussing lifting. I think most of us agree with good form over speed and work to achieve this.

    Now I’m going back to work…on something productive.

  • Analys says:

    And I -LOVE- that pressure. I -LOVE- that rush & that feeling in the stomach when the clock beeps those 3 secs right before the WODS.

    When I made that statement I was NOT asked “Considering today’s WOD, What’s your opinion on eliminating the clock from your WODs from now on?” That wasn’t the question…

    I enjoyed focusing on form, technique, adjusting the weights (up/down) throughout the rounds. However, that’s NOT the way I’d wanna have it everyday. As I previously said, Otherwise I’d go to L.A. Fitness :)

  • Kevin says:

    None the less, as one of the prn staff and as 1 of the 2 shirtified powerlifting coaches, feel free to ask me anything regarding strength training, cardiac health, nutrition or anti-aging in person. Clocks have their place and more efficient indicators are available, simply exercise caution with its obsession.

  • Jess says:

    Chad look what your sweet little “impressions” stirred up. Wow

  • PANOS says:

    WOW this makes 38 comments! Thats a PR. Not for time.

  • Lynn says:

    Wooo! Who gets to ring the bell?

  • Dominic says:

    I was going to say something but then I thought better of it.