9 Responses to “Tuesday the 9th of October, 2012”

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  • U Don't Know My Name says:

    What is the WOD? I’m not gonna drive from Ft. Lauderdale for the unknown; my back needs to know… I think it’s safe to publish it now.

  • U Don't Know My Name says:

    Thank you for saving me a trip.

  • QUE? says:

    What is Metric Jerry?

  • Sebastian says:

    Any other options for the weigh in? Im not going to be in Miami on Sunday.

  • DM says:

    Seb-Yes, you can contact Marlene direct and visit her in her office. Pretty sure it’s $25 to do that. Not bad.

  • DM says:

    @Que-Metric Jerry is Jerry with all metric distances.

  • Sebas says:

    DM can you provide contact information please?

  • Kendra J says:

    Look at all these rowers, next week we’re doing the 2K in a boat!