Tuesday the 5th of March, 2013

Crossfit unloaded

4 Rounds for quality
7-10 Strict Ring dips
20-30 Unbroken double-unders  
7-10 Strict HSPU
8-10 Pistols/ leg

Rest as needed

3 rounds
1 Minute Max reps, on 3 minutes
Wall balls (20/14)

Rest as needed

Run 1 mile 



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Complimentary Friends and Family WOD is this Saturday at 10:00am

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3 Responses to “Tuesday the 5th of March, 2013”

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  • DM says:

    Videos from this past weekends Arnold Classic weightlifting event….


    Nice still frame of a 375# snatch

    Also, this guy squats 905# Raw. Shared before, but worth it again….

  • Nadine says:

    Big shout out to the inspirational strong women at 4:45 today- Smarge, Kendra, Bianca!

  • Kendra J says:

    Thanks Nadine!
    Congratulations on an awesome mile PR!!