Wednesday the 6th of March, 2013

8:00pm Crew @ A1A

Push press 5-5-5-5-5+ (45-55-65-75-85%)

Wall walk 3-3-3-3-3
With a focus on quality walk hands until ribcage is in contact with wall. Hold for 3 seconds and walk out before repeating. Rest as needed between sets.

“Interval Helen”
Perform 1 round, rest till 5 minute mark. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds.
Run 400
21 Kettlebell swings (53/35)
12 Pull-ups


Complimentary Friends and Family WOD is this Saturday at 10:00am

Register for the Crossfit Open Here


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5 Responses to “Wednesday the 6th of March, 2013”

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  • Two things wrong with the 305 website:
    1) There is an ice monster ad on the page;
    2) The ice monster ad has the wrong date.

  • DM says:

    Strategic positioning.

  • Real Bill Gates says:

    Errors noted.

  • Lynn says:

    Great workout today Chad… I got to thinking about my (legit) calf injury, and I believe you were the one who told me that it takes two weeks when your twenty, three when your thirty, and so on… So (thank you for reminding me) I’m right on time with it :)