These are some articles that we have found useful or interesting.

305 Media:

Travel WOD’s from CrossFit Evolution
Comprehensive Bodyweight Workout list
Greg Glassman’s CrossFit Journal article on the Overhead Squat (requires subscription).
The Muscle Up from Again Faster.
Corrective coaching on the Power Clean from Michael Bewley at the University of Dayton.
Check out this grip strength workout from John Brookfield over at the Iron Mind site.
Fixing your over head – from Crossfit Invictus.
You Can’t Lift What You Can’t Hold On To (CrossFit Journal)
Dan John teaching the fast lifts


Robb Wolf
Mark’s Daily Apple
CrossFit Journal Zone Meal Plans Free Download
Big Fat Lies with Gary Taubes
Eat your fish oil!
Grass-fed beef resource page for Florida.
New York Times article on the raw milk debate.
Paleo Beef Stew recipe (wine optional).
Paleo-friendly dried meat (jerky) recipe.
Chicken Apple Salad recipe from Greg Everett’s site Catalyst Athletics.
Ron Paul believes in Raw Milk.
The Truth About Grains.
Pastured eggs taste better (if you can find them) and they are better for you.
Omega 3s…Are YOU taking them?
From Robb Wolf’s site – Do High-fat Diets inhibit Load-Induced Muscle Hypertrophy in Humans?
Robb Wolf on The Zone: Too Many Carbs?

General Fitness:
Skill level standards from CrossFit NorCal.

CrossFit Level 1 Training Guide

General Health:
Childhood Obesity, Other Cardiovascular Risk Factors, and Premature Death

Flag Progressions from the Beast Skills site
The York Handbalancing Course


Lifting Heavy things:
Madcow’s 5×5 is now over at the StrongLifts site
Pavel’s Power to the People programming as applied to CrossFit. – courtesy of the Whole 9

Fittest in Miami Challenge at CrossFit 305

Free issue of Performance Menu.

Rest and Recovery:
Jocelyn On Overtraining

Rants and Madness:
The ****ification of America by Zach Even-Esh
Greg Glassman on benchmark workouts.
The Power of Passion – from Ross Training.
The Mental Game - ignore the clock, focus on form – from Dutch Lowy

Concept2 rowing technique and link for free DVD.

Stretching and Mobility:
Joe Defranco’s Agile 8 stretching routine – a great daily program.

Hannibal for King
GI Jane by Amundson of the CrossFit main site
Mike Tyson hand speed, courtesy of Ross Training.
Old guy in short shorts repping out some chins.

Just for Women:
More myths about women and fitness.
CrossFit Girls of Miami

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