Athlete of the Month, CrossFit

Athlete of the Month of February, 2014- Karlee Foster

AOTM-February-2014-Karlee-FosterMy Fitness Background:

When I was little I loved being active, and was incredibly competitive. I grew up with three brothers and many cousins, so riding my bike, roller-blading, and just playing around and being active was normal. I did cheerleading and soccer during middle school, but I kind of lost the passion and competitiveness that I had by the time I got to high school. I’ve had issues with my weight since late elementary school, and my lifestyle just increasingly got less active and very unhealthy food wise
By the time I entered high school I didn’t have the self confidence to try out a sport, particularly volleyball, since I was basically 100% sedentary and very rarely left my house besides to go to school. I moved to Texas in 2010 during my senior year in high school and lived with my aunt and uncle who were both in the military and incredibly fit. I was around 325lbs and began working out with them and changed my incredibly bad eating habits; over about a year I got down to 270. Then college and uncontrollable freedom entered my life and over the next two years, I gained all the weight plus more back.

I’ve tried working out in gyms and doing at home workouts like Insanity and P90X, but I felt like I was always lacking or too inexperienced to know if I was being effective during my workout. It was also difficult to stay self motivated, especially since I deep down had very little hope that I could actually lose all the weight I had to lose naturally and without medical surgery. I think I’ve always been physically inclined, I just built up a huge animosity towards consistent physical exercise and thought there were better ways to be spending my time especially since most of my family focused on how smart and creative I was and ignored my health issues.

I ended up here in Miami in May 2013 on a Saturday, and the following Monday I was enrolled into Crossfit Unloaded by my Uncles Danny Tenorio and Michael Lofroos at the starting weight of 350 lbs, and about 10 months later, I’m now at 250 lbs.

My Experience at 305:

The first week was honestly a very shameful and painful experience for me. I had never been aware of how unhealthy I was, and was always in denial that I wasn’t THAT BAD. Being overweight for so long kind of blurs the harshness of your reality and the magnitude of the damage done to your body, so it was a huge wake-up call for me.  That whole week was squat after squat after squat and I felt like dying after every workout. But I just kept on, ignoring the dread and butterflies in my stomach every time I walked up the stairs, and after the first few months, I realized I was beginning to enjoy the work, growing in experience and shedding pound by pound, discovering that I had strengths and found ways to improve my weaknesses. The sense of dread I once had is now determination to do my best in each workout and constantly improve my times, my reps, my forms. It is a huge stress reliever, and I feel gross if I end up missing a workout out of the limited few I can fit in my busy schedule between working and being a full-time art student.

I am so grateful and happy to have met such encouraging, motivating, and positive people here. My insecurities were short lived and I have been able to build self-confidence and motivation from everyone I work out with and all the trainers that have taught me. Frank and Bianca basically built my then non-existent fitness foundation during my first few months and have been so so so supportive, patient, and encouraging with me that I can honestly say that without them I would have been that huge crybaby in the middle of the gym having a breakdown about not being able to do the workout and I love them so much and am so thankful for everything they’ve done for me.  Every single person there is a role model to me, and I’m just amazed by everything everyone is able to accomplish by their pure will and determination and commitment. It challenges me to keep trying my best, to enjoy my journey, and to never stop improving. I’m a bit awkward in expressing myself, but I really look up to all the athletes I see and want to be able to express my gratitude to everyone through my progress with my weight loss and overall progress towards a healthy lifestyle.

My Goals:

At first, a numerical value was my goal. I kind of started my weight loss journey pretty superficially, despite the healthy and thoughtful intentions of my uncles. My uncles have been the biggest motivators and supporters for me and my health and without them I’d be in a very different place right now, probably in a dark room with limited mobility but strangely an endless supply of Oreos and Chinese food.

I followed the food regimen, kept up with my workouts, but it took me a very long time to build a healthy mindset, and I’m still only at the beginning stages of one. After living so long with such low self-esteem and value in myself, I realize after losing 100 lbs. that I need to learn to love myself and not hate who I’ve been. I’ve placed so much value in how other see me that I never developed a personal intention for my weight loss, no internal end result to the hard work; I was just aiming for acceptance. During the last few pounds of the 100 everything pieced itself together. I need to be fully accepting of myself, to come to terms with my past and not let it dictate my future. It’s strange, but I always have had an inkling that despite all the work I’ve put in that I can still end up a failure and disappointment.

My goal is to have a happy mind, a happy body, and a happy way of living. A word I live by is eupathy, and it means “the happy condition of the soul.” So physically, I want my weight to not be a sad and stressful topic like it has been since I was 10, and I don’t want to feel weak or be perceived as weak. I want to be comfortable and pleased with how I am, and I want to be proud of myself. I want to wake up and look at myself in the mirror and have to resist the urge to kiss it. Or something along those lines.


Athlete of the Month, CrossFit

Athlete of the Month of January, 2014- Mark Pratt

AOTM-January 2014-Mark-PrattWhat is your fitness background?

Like many British kids, I grew up wanting to be a football (soccer) player; this never reached fruition, but I ended up being pretty good at rugby and cricket, playing competitively at school and university (college). By my early-20s, I’d long dismissed the rugby bro scene and was far more interested in being a hipster, so focused on more artistic, creative and academic pursuits. Competitive sports became a distant memory, and at some point I developed a certain disdain of fitness as an ideal.

While living in Vancouver six years ago I started running again for practical reasons – I couldn’t drive and it seemed like the best way of exploring the natural beauty of British Columbia – and developed an ongoing appetite for distance running and marathons. Despite playing lots of sport and running, I’d never been interested in going to a normal gym and zero experience of strength training.

When I started CrossFit 18 months ago, I was running distance regularly and playing basketball sporadically but not much else. I’d also just done a trial month at Brickell LA Fitness – a soulless fucking place in many ways – and, in retrospect, I was unconsciously searching for something new. I heard about 305 via some people at Miami Rugby Club and the next thing I knew I was being taken through 8 minutes of a scaled version of Cindy, with a dude called Chad, in a beautiful atmospheric warehouse by the train-tracks on a humid Tuesday morning.

Talk about your experience at 305.

The first few months were humbling in the best possible way; the effortless glide of everyday life was suddenly punctuated by the difficulty of confronting something different and highly challenging. Lots of things were completely new – Olympic lifts, kettle-bells, rope-climbs and even pull-ups; I’d never tried gymnastics movements before; my mobility and flexibility is poor and I didn’t really know heavy barbell squatting was even a thing. Despite this strangeness there was something in the intensity and variety that I found compelling; WODs could almost be emotional and the body-mechanics of Olympic lifts just looked and felt really cool. I didn’t necessarily look forward to it, but I knew I had to keep on turning up – it felt like an avenue to something new and I liked the hybrid feeling of learning, discipline and humility.

I remember a hero WOD (“White”) was programmed for September 11th 2012, which was also the day I turned 31, and it felt like a breakthrough. I could complete all the movements and loved the feeling of having given everything. I started to really appreciate the supportive community and more than anything being around people who are serious, motivated and committed. Turning up regularly at 7.30pm has become a cherished part of my routine and I’ve become better a person – emotionally, mentally and physically. More than anything though, CrossFit is just so much fun…doing a WOD feels closer to the childlike glee of playing soccer in the streets when a kid, rather than any kind of self-prescribed obligation.

Like anyone else who has been at 305 for a while, I’m grateful for the coaches who do an incredible job. Each one of them has helped me individually in ways ranging from precise technical instruction and mobility advice to just being friendly, patient and supportive. The continual exposure to a breadth of coaches, all with positive things to offer and each involved in their own fitness journey, is pretty amazing really.

What are your goals? 

I want to be able to perform all movements, do every WOD at RX and maintain a steady trajectory of positive improvement; more specifically, the following would be nice before the end of 2014:

* Good kipping pull-ups, hand-stand push-ups, double unders et al

* Sub 5-minute 30 mile, sub 40-minute 10k

* Double body-weight squat and be able to do Olympic lifts with strong technique and form

* Continuously improving mobility and flexibility

Specific aims are just tangential though and not my central motivation. I’ve started to consider fitness and health similar to knowledge; it’s not about reaching an end-goal but the continual pursuit and everything that is learnt along the way. I’m hoping to do an ultra-marathon this year and want to start playing competitive sports again, and the experience at CrossFit 305 is intrinsic to all this. This feels like the start of a life-long thing and I’m excited for the future.

Big up the 7.30pm crew past, present and future – particularly Willie, Coinncy, Bink and Karloz; all the coaches; Eva and Fabiana; and everyone else for making CrossFit 305 a place I love coming to every day.



















Athlete of the Month, CrossFit

Athlete of the month of December, 2013- Allan Ajoy


What is your Fitness Background?
I never liked sports and coming from a family that plays soccer I was expected to be one of the stars. But I wasn’t. I was a full time nerd in high school and an outcast in college. During all these years I was bullied for being different, but somehow I discovered that I could run faster that most of my “friends” so that helped me a little bit to be part of the running team and my love for running started. I think running was my getaway from the real world.
I used to go to the gym but like everyone else just because you go to the gym doesn’t mean you are healthy or strong. I went to visit my parents in Ecuador and one of my good friends introduced me to crossfit. I went to a class and I couldn’t finish the WOD. I was devastated because during all these year I developed a crazy competitive personality so I came back to Miami, fist thing I did was to check “Crossfit” online and there it was “Crossfit 305” that was November 1, 2010.
What are your goals?
My main goal is coming to the box everyday I can, live a healthy life (paleo style) and continue running my obstacle course races, half marathons, etc.
I do want to run a 5k in 18 minutes (best time is19:01) and a half in 1:28 (best time is 1:30:01). I am not looking to lift heavy because that s not my thing due to my running but definitely to improve my cardio and my strength!
Describe your experience at 305/A1A?
The moment I came to the box was a match in Heaven. I started doing unloaded, mixing cardio and crossfit and timing was just a religious experience for me (LOL)
Dan, Peter and Dom were the first 3 coaches I met and they have been always supportive and nice people!
The one thing that really felt this was it for me, its when these guys noticed the was a few gay members at the box and wanted to have a meeting with us and just talk about us being comfortable in the gym, what could they do to make us feel welcomed, coming from a very difficult childhood and not being opened in that time for me was something that really cool. It was like finally coming to school but with no pressure just being me.
I made a bad decision and left the box for 6 months last year and those were the worst 6 months of my life, I lost my drive, my strength everything, but I never lost these friends. I continued talking to these “locos” and just one day I spoke to Dan and I said I don’t know what to do to get back to crazy ….he was like “just get back to 305” and I did, My crazy ride started again July 2013 and I couldn’t do 10 burpees in a row I was dying and lack of energy, but thanks to Dan and Frank I am getting back to where I was. They were very patient and just giving me words of encouragement, was the key. Alex Arguelles he doesn’t know how much he helped me the first months just telling me tips and being there.
 Overall just being there and seeing friends like Joey, Bianca Jessica, Kris, Alyssa, Smarge, Litza, Sergio, The Csete Family, getting better and better was such an inspiration to get back in track.
I am thankful to you guys because of the environment, because of the craziness, because of the camaraderie and most important because of every person I get to know everyday. I can be a witness of what we are capable of, and what we can do, each one of you inspire me in many different ways. There is no other place like the 305 Family.


Athlete of the Month, CrossFit

Athlete of the Month of November 2013- James Keeler


What is your fitness background?

I loved sports from a young age and played everything, football, basketball, indoor track and baseball. Baseball was my main sport that I played all year round for CT standards from regular season, fall ball to AAU, for the state of CT and competed nationally and always lost to FL every year. After sports I pretty much was a gym bro meathead that did typical beach muscles, chest, bis, abs and never legs. My only occasional cardio was throwing a frisbee on the beach, old man softball or a random kickball game. After years of in and out of the gym and just maintaining somewhat fit I got bored and for the past 2-3 years just used my apartment complex gym. The gym just has the basics; bench, pull up bar, dumbbells, and punching bag. Perfect for my muscle beach mania madness workouts. Which I had no motivation for and basically had to force myself to put in a P90x dvd to stay focused and motivate me. Then there was crossfit, thanks to groupon and my sister who was very persistent for me to sign up or try a class with her in CT. Then crossfit changed my life.


What are your goals?

My goals are important, big or small. Whether setting goals the night before for going unbroken on the WOD or adding #50 to your backsquat or simply eating healthy that day. They keep you honest, focused and teach you to do the right thing when no ones watching. My crossfit goals are to snatch 225, CNJ 300, OHS my bodyweight, DL my bodyweight, bench the world, beat the one they call Kyle and deadlift more than Kendra. Just kidding, my real goals are to turn my diet into a lifestyle. Leave the gym everyday stronger mentally and physically. To make the regional’s team one day repping my 305 family. Help anyone in the gym that wants to learn how not to snatch. Inspire someone to change their life.


Describe your experience at 305/A1A

My first class was unloaded with Coach Courtney and it was 2 rds 1000m run/ 50 DB thrusters. Talk about a wake up call when I was walking the second round and coughing up the past 9 years of smoking cigarettes and “Miami lifestyle”. Even though I was on the edge of death, something inside me liked it and wanted more. The next day I got up, walking like I was riding a horse and hobbled to the gym. After about a month of crossfit I would still do the unloaded classes to keep me in check to finally stop smoking and it worked. Now I have my love for running back (kind of) and just a new appreciation for life back. My crossfit experiences have been amazing and I’ve learned alot from yoga(cant breathe class), beach wods, oly classes, competitions and competitor wods. I try to soak up all the info and work on my daily challenges (snatch) and attack one movement, WOD, lift, technique, position, transition, struggle, one breath at a time. 305 and A1A are now my big dysfunctional family from all aspects of life with the same goal, “Make it through hell and back… survive… what time tomorrow?” Crossfit has taught me integrity, discipline, focus, stability, willpower, temptation, dedication, patience and sacrifice. All of which transfers into life, I am forever thankful to Crossfit 305/A1A.





Athlete of the Month, CrossFit

Athlete of the month of October, 2013- Lesly Lee

Lesly-colorMy Fitness background
Prior to Crossfit 305 I exercised very inconsistently, in and out of gyms such as Crunch or Sports Club LA. I would also run around my neighborhood.  I was inconsistent because I was not motivated to exercise… it was something I had to do and reallyshould do!  Once I got to the gym I was pretty good about having a good work out, but again I just couldn’t motivate to get dressed for the gym.
My fitness goals
My fitness goals have always been the same.  I wanted to be in good shape, both physically and mentally.  I wanted to get stronger, faster, and most importantly… be consistent at exercising so I could reap the long-term benefits.  I would often think of Seniors in my family that were in poor shape, suffering from all kinds of ailments such as diabetes, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, etc.  I knew I definitely didn’t want to end up like them, but I sure wasn’t doing anything about it.
My experience at Crossfit 305
Finally, my husband introduced me to Crossfit 305 and from the beginning I loved it.  For starters I didn’t have the repetitive conversation with myself of “come on just get dressed, just drive there, get in there and have a good workout! ” Instead, I  was surprisingly motivated to go and even excited!!  It was the ambiance that made all the difference.  It was camaraderie-like and everyone motivated each other, all while joking and having a good time!  I had never experienced a “gym’s ambiance” to feel this way.  Eighty percent of my battle disappeared because, for the first time, I was excited to go workout.
Then came the best benefits, the coaches were so knowledgeable and detailed about the exercises and techniques, that soon my body started to change.  I got leaner, muscles began to appear, and I got stronger than I ever imagined.  Each day was a different workout comprehensively designed so that my body didn’t get accustomed to the same exercises AND my mind didn’t get bored.  Moreover, my emotional health and patience improved significantly.  I was as well-balanced as I had ever been!!  I have been consistent for a year and a half and happily go 4-5x/week.  My experience at Crossfit 305 has been so exceptional mostly due to the exercise knowledge I have gained, the atmosphere, and the expert coaches that will always keep tweaking my techniques, therefore leading me to exercise excellence.  I can’t imagine exercising anywhere else but Crossfit 305.

Athlete of the Month, CrossFit

Athlete of the month of September-2013, Anai Fonte

Crossfit-305-AOTM-miamiMy fitness background
This should be quick… about a year before coming to 305 I did P90X at home for 5 months. Yes, that is the extent of my fitness background. I was never really into sports growing up. I preferred to spend my time doodling, day dreaming and hanging out. I wanted to get more involved in sports but I never had the energy for it. I was skinny most of my life and could eat whatever I wanted without worry of gaining any weight. A horrible diet of pizza, soda and other fast foods had me feeling tired all the time and left very little desire for exercise. Even after I dropped all the junk food, I rode the skinny-fat train straight through my twenties but when I hit 30 I knew it was time to get serious.


My experience at 305
My husband Kris was looking for something more than the traditional gym. I had gone a few times to our local gyms and found them so boring and awkward. When he started Crossfit at 305 he’d come home every night raving about all the stuff he was doing and the skills he was building. He told me about Paleo and I immediately started researching everything Paleo and cooking way healthier. Three months after Kris joined, I signed up!
I was so nervous since I had never done anything like this before. My very first day on my on ramp Chad had us run 500 meters, I took off like a bat out of hell and by the time I hit the turn I was already gassed. When I made it back around Chad was explaining something to us but I have no idea what it was because I heard beeping in my ears and felt like I was going to puke. I tried as hard as possible to maintain eye contact and not let on that I thought I was going to die, for real.
My very first work out was with Dom for an unloaded class and even though everyone had lapped me (twice!) I kept pushing. I have always been very competitive (at video games, wow & mtg… don’t judge me, you’re a geek too if you know what those abbreviations are) and it was the competitiveness of Crossfit that immediately captured my interest and kept pushing me to get better.
The coaches at 305 are the best! Dan is great at explaining proper technique and makes it easy for you to understand the mechanics of the movements we do. Chad uses his Jedi mind tricks for double-unders, true story. If you don’t have double-unders, go talk to Chad. He’s also great at spotting the really tiny correction that needs to be made to make your lifts. Pete always pushes me to do my very best and he never lets me take the easy way out on any WOD. Because of work I had to switch from my regular 6:30 pm class to the 11:00 am class and I now train almost solely with Pete and I have become so much stronger & faster! Thanks for the constant push and belief in me #coachPanos!
Being at Crossfit 305 amongst such strong athletes is such a motivator. 305 has some amazingly strong women that inspire me to keep working hard. I’ve met some awesome folks and made some great friendships. It’s not just about being fitter but its about being part of this community. I am so grateful for all the positive Crossfit 305 has brought into my life.

My fitness goals… are pretty specific: (here are the cliff notes)

·      Muscle-ups

·      Butterfly pull-ups

·      Kip HSPU

·      Get on the board!

·      Squat 200lbs+

·      Deadlift 250lbs+

·      Sub 5 minute Fran

·      Get my clean technique down

·      and… I would ultimately like to do all my WODs Rx.

Athlete of the Month, CrossFit

Athlete of the month of August-2013, Kyle Vincent

This "Little Guy" as we like to call him has a huge heart and fit right into our family. Congrats on being our August 2013 Athlete of the month.

This “Little Guy” as we like to call him has a huge heart and fit right into our family. Congrats on being our August 2013 Athlete of the month.

My fitness background
I was always big into sports and being competitive my whole life.  I played football, basketball, and baseball in high school and had the most success in football.  I continued playing football into college, where I played strong safety for Mount Union College and was part of a National Championship team in 2005.  My football career came to a screeching halt in the beginning of my sophomore year, when I suffered a severe shoulder injury.  It took me a year to recover from the injury but by that time I was very out of shape and actually took my education into consideration while giving up my dreams of playing in the NFL.  (a guy can dream) Over the next couple of years I didn’t do much at all to keep myself in shape, until one day I saw a video of me and realized it was time to make a change. I was weighing in at a slimming 240lbs but I like to think it was just a lot of muscle…wrong! I first started with my diet, which needed a big change, and also began to train to fight MMA….good thing that didn’t work out!  I worked my way down to about 175lbs doing that, but it just wasn’t enough.  One day when I was out on a boat with some friends I met a couple members from 305 and they told me about crossfit. The next day I went to the closest box to my house and was hooked.  

My experience at Crossfit 305
I came to Crossfit 305 after about 6 months of training at another box. Although I was in pretty good shape, I quickly realized that I knew very little about crossfit and had a lot to learn.  I instantly made some good friends and training partners that have been a big part of my success up to this point.  Crossfit 305 has taught me how to strive to be the best even if it means taking one step back to gain two steps forward.  I look forward to coming to the gym every single day and I am excited to keep growing in the sport!
My fitness goals
When I first started crossfit honestly I just wanted a six pack and nice arms for my weekends at the beach, but that went out the window really quick when I really learned how much the sport had to offer.  My long term goal is to make it to the crossfit games. While the main goal I have in sight right now is to get back to regionals in 2014, so I am taking it one step at a time. 

Athlete of the Month, CrossFit

Athlete of the Month-July, 2013- Carly Pearson

carlyWhat is your fitness background? 

I grew up in a really small town in Central Pennsylvania. I have memories as early as three years of age, racing all the neighborhood boys down the street on my big wheel. So I guess that’s where my desire to compete truly began. I always loved the outdoors, really any activity that kept me moving. I was the only girl on the boys’ T-ball team, swam at the local Navy Depot, lifeguarded, and pretended to be on Baywatch in my red one-piece.

I was a top-five seed in tennis throughout High School and started lifting back then. For 20 years, I loved my gym routine. Bicep curls and tricep-dips were a fav. But, that was just it. It was a routine.

So, about two years ago, I joined a women’s only boot-camp at a local “posh” center. (You never really know fitness until your first boot camp.) It was a challenge. I enjoyed the workouts, but wanted more. Quite frankly, I couldn’t deal with the fake nails clawing around, pink dumbbells and the perfect workout gear look. (Looking back though, it prepared me for Crossfit.)

Ronnie joined first and was so inspired; I was a member one week later. Best anniversary gift yet. I’ve have not looked back once. This is just it for me.


What are your goals?

I was nervous as all hell going into my second Crossfit competition, first in Intermediate-level Swamp Monster 4. Could I do it? Is the weight too heavy? What if I can’t get one rep? Well … the weight was fucking heavy. But, I got reps – more than one. I finished in time. I did it and had a blast reaching many goals that day.

Basically, I’d like to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle, improve my skills and form, gain strength, give this ‘aging gracefully’ thing a shot.


Describe your experience at 305. 

After 16 months, I feel like I’ve come a long way and I just don’t want to stop. I push myself harder than I’ve ever pushed before, inside the gym and out. I try. I fail. I try again.

In a way, Crossfit feels like therapy for me. Shortly before I met my 305 family, I lost my mom and grandmother within three weeks of each other. I was stressed, understandably. I lost a ton of weight. But, this, you, all of it, has made me stronger. Physically and mentally.

305 has an incredible coaching staff and all were unbelievably helpful when I joined. I feel safe when I’m there. They look out for my best interest – push me when to push and tell me to step back when I need to. They have knowledge and they’re great teachers. Every little bit of advice, every time they say “come on, Carly, keep it up,” it’s an amazing feeling. Pete, Dan, Chad, Dom, Bianca, Kris, Wes, Jessica, Maddy, Frank – you guys are so inspiring and I appreciate every ounce of effort you’ve given towards my journey.

I’ve met amazing people at Crossfit305. The best part is watching us all progress, seeing the benefits and now being able to inspire others through my experience, the way you first did for me. I feel lucky to be a part of such close community. I’ve developed more friendships here than I have in the 10 years I’ve lived in Florida. We’re a family. We have something very special going on here. It’s life changing. And, being a part of it just feels amazing. 


Athlete of the Month, CrossFit

Athlete of the month, June 2013-Ronn Pearson

"Killing cant" since day 1!

“Killing cant” since day 1!

What is your fitness background?

I grew up playing hockey and did very little else. Ice time was how I stayed fit. I played on three or four different teams at a time and was playing Junior at the age of 19. Back then, I remember thinking people that lifted weights were ridiculous. All that grunting and vanity time in the mirror? Not for me.


Then one night out, I had the bright idea of trying to break up a fight in a club. The nine or ten or twelve massive bouncers, not quite understanding my peacekeeping gesture, did two things in their steroid-fueled rage:


One, they ensured I’d never play hockey again. I did try to return to the game I loved, but grew tired of having someone else remove my skates at game’s end because the low back injury they gave me wouldn’t allow me to unlace.


And two, they made me commit to never being in a situation where giant meatheads, who all wear the same cologne, could beat me unconscious in a cloud of Drakkar Noir.


So like every other proper guido from Staten Island looking to toughen up, I hit the gym. And on my first lift, somewhere between “I’m gonna throw this bar through the roof” and that same 135 lb. bar crashing down on my chest, I instantly fell in love with the challenge of getting bigger and stronger. For 21 years, I over trained, overindulged in some extracurricular supplements and turned into one of the bad-form-having gym rats slogging through workouts and have the rotator cuff surgery scars to prove it.


But, like anything that runs its course, so did weight training. Granted I was strong, but I was far from fit.


That’s right about the time I first heard about Crossfit.



What are your fitness goals?

Like all things, I just want to be better today than I was yesterday. Actually, the only real goal I’ve ever had was to be named Crossfit 305’s Athlete of the Month. Now that it’s happened, I don’t really know what to do. Zumba looks interesting.



Describe your experience at 305.

When I first saw all of you doing WODs at 305, it scared the shit out of me. I was intimidated by what was going on, but was equally fascinated by the way you were moving your bodies, the energy of the place. However, instead of running towards it, I ran away.


There were the naysayers. The “you’ll get hurt” guys. The “it’s a cult” fuckfaces. (Mind you, these were not physical specimens, this lethargic and tired bunch of bad-sex-having haters.)


Shit, even the Crossfit sites admit it’s not for everyone. I believed them.


But, I was also way out of shape and feeling each and every one of my 40 years. I always looked forward to the day I’d be showered in that “old man strength” I heard so much about growing up, but I never experienced mine.


I can’t really remember what it was exactly that finally got me in the door – a combination of things. A friend at work that changed his life with Crossfit, the previously mentioned gym lethargy, etc. Either way, I’m thankful I jumped in.


So there I was during the onramp class, PVC pipe in hand, getting the hard lesson of how piss poor my flexibility was and realizing there are two types of athletes: those with strict pull ups and those without. I was the latter. But, Chad was Chad. Just amazing. Patient. Not only knowledgeable, but also able to pass that knowledge along. He taught me the ropes, and rope burn. And the one word that silenced the “you can’t do this” voice echoing in my head:




Green band, red band, blue. Sometimes I’d combine them in a scaling rainbow. Low boxes. Scaled reps. Scaled run distances. Scaled WODs, many of them. Being pulled out of WODs because I wasn’t flexible enough. That fucking “woman’s bar” Pete would politely ask me to grab when my movements with the 45 lb. bar would cause him stomach distress, and me potential injury.


Sure I scaled, but I also never broke my promise. To run towards the things I cannot do in an attempt change them. Because trying things you can’t do is the only way to get to can.


I promised myself to show up and improve. To ask lots of questions. To pay close attention and learn from those stronger and faster than me. And, in the process, started doing the same for those that weren’t.


Slowly and surely, I began to taste the fruits of my labor. A few Whole 30 challenges. A thousand annoying questions so masterfully answered by Pete. Months and months of Mobility WOD videos. Lots of stretching, hip joint flossing, foam rolling, some shoulder popping and grinding and my flexibility improved. Therefore, the movements improved as well.


After 16 months of sweat, I wouldn’t quite call what I’m doing “forging elite fitness” (you’ve seen my dubs), but I am an example of what Crossfit and lots of hard work and dedication can do.


But, I didn’t go at it alone. I’ve been inspired by every single person in the gym, no matter their ability. I’m inspired by anyone who shows up, and just does the work. Whether they keep their feet moving and complete their first 500 meter run without stopping, or they’re snatching weight that makes my shoulders hurt by just watching.


I’m inspired by the friendships I’ve made and feel great knowing that each time we hit that mat, each time that clock counts down, we’re in it together. And I’m truly thankful to be in such damn fine company.


Thank you.








Athlete of the Month, CrossFit

Athlete of the month, March 2013-Diane (Dee-Dee) Fischer


She climbs walls, lifts heavy things and does it with a great smile.

She climbs walls, lifts heavy things and does it with a great smile.

What is your background
I’m a trial lawyer and a single mother of two (both CrossFit Kids). I grew up with three brothers in Flint, Michigan, playing every sport you can think of, and I started running long distance when I was in the Army. After I had my kids ten years ago I started lifting more weight in a traditional gym setting, but I kind of came to a crossroads in my workouts last June, and I felt like I needed a change. Some friends who knew me well urged me to try CrossFit. And now I find it to be like parenting – I can’t remember what life was like without it.

How has CrossFit 305 impacted your life?
I turned 50 in December, which really affected me – not in a negative way, but in a positive, inspiring way. Because of CrossFit, I feel like I have never been stronger, and have never been fitter, and I still have so much room for improvement. It sounds hypercompetitive but I love training with a room full of people younger than me, not only keeping up, but even beating some of them. Makes me feel like I can do anything.

What are your goals?
My short term goal — which has evaded me for some time — is to do a strict pull-up. My medium term goal is to go to the CrossFit Games in 2014. And my long term goal is to be kicking ass at 100 without ever having any serious health problems.