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So you just bought a Groupon or Living Social voucher? Great! A voucher is a great way to try CrossFit for the first time.  
Please take a few moments to read this before going any further.

What do I do first?

Email: with your voucher information for your start date and membership activation. Specify desired facility location.  You will not be able to sign up for classes until we have activated your membership with your voucher information. Start dates are assigned in the order we receive e-mail requests. Please do not come to the gym with your voucher expecting to start working out without a confirmed start date and class reservation.

Please  show up 10-15 mins prior to class on your Start Date and check in at the desk. We’ll need you to fill out a waiver, it is essential you arrive prior to class start time to avoid being rescheduled.


Can I combine coupons, use more than one, buy more coupons etc?

The short answer is ‘No.’  Coupons are for first time members only.  You may only use one coupon from any coupon service.  You cannot use a Groupon, then a Living Social voucher, then a CoupTessa.  You may not use 2 CoupTessas, Groupons or Living Social Vouchers.  We decided to go with these coupons to give you a taste of what CrossFit 305 is all about.  Get your month in, see if you like it and then sign up if it’s the thing you enjoy!

What do I get?
You get access to all of our classes*. Yes, ALL of them, for one month. Your month starts the day you come in to our facility and take your first class. Upon sign up, you will be sent a welcome e-mail with tons of information to help you get started.

*specified by voucher terms. 

What are your class times?
CrossFit classes run at 6am, 7am, 11am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm, Saturday at 10am and Sunday at 11:30am.

CrossFit Unloaded classes run:

Monday- Friday: 7am, 9:30am, 6pm, 7pm

Saturday: 9am.

Before you get started in CrossFit  WOD classes, you MUST complete our 3 CrossFit 101 Fundamentals classes. (Disregard for CrossFit Unloaded Class times)

CrossFit 101 Fundamentals classes run every week at CrossFit A1A  (230 71 Street, Miami Beach)

Tue-Wed-Thur at  8pm

You must complete all three unique sessions before you are allowed entrance into CrossFit classes. You may choose to spend your month at CrossFit 305 OR CrossFit A1A.

Class size is limited, please reserve your 101 Fundamentals spot prior to your first session. While you are completing your 101 Fundamentals classes, you are more than welcome to take any CrossFit Unloaded class you wish and can continue these classes upon completion. CrossFit Unloaded classes do not require or include the three 101 classes. 

I’m super fit, can I skip the CrossFit 101 Fundamentals classes?
No, every single person in our facility goes through our 101 Fundamentals classes, regardless of  ability.

If you are an experienced CrossFitter from another facility and want to test out of these classes, please e-mail to set up an appointment with a Lead Trainer

Can I break the 30 days up into two or more times, do I get 30 classes spread over a year, can I come in and do my own workout?

Is your gym right for me?
For some yes, for some no…but for some this will be the start to a new life. You’ll know pretty quickly if 305 is the right gym for you. You don’t have to be in the best shape to join us, but you do have to be willing to learn and progress slowly. Give 100%, that’s all we ask.

What should I eat/drink before working out at CrossFit 305?

Make sure you are getting plenty of water throughout the day.  Active people should be drinking a minimum of a gallon of WATER per day.  If you consume caffeine, that amount may increase.  Food is a personal decision, but please don’t show up on a full stomach, as you may be very uncomfortable once you start moving around.  Many people choose to eat no closer than 2-3 hours before arriving at CrossFit 305.

What other resources do you have for me to help get me started?
Download and read these articles:
What is CrossFit? –
What is the Zone Diet? -
What is Fitness? -

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    Do I have to make a contract when I sign up with the Groupon Voucher?

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