Daniel Martin - CrossFit 305 - Miami, FL
Daniel Martin swam and ran a lot when he was younger. He enjoys teaching people how to do things they’ve never done before and likes to spend time chasing his kids around. At the age of 30, Dan was an out-of-shape former athlete thanks to a career path that didn’t encourage health or fitness. Dan found CrossFit in 2007 thanks to good friend Joseph. Dan took Joe’s challenge. The rest is history. In 2009, Dan was a CrossFit Games Regional participant. In 2010 he qualified for Regionals and competed head to head with 4 Time CrossFit Games Champion Rich Froning. In 2011, 2012 & 2013 he helped Teams qualify for Regionals.

Dan is certified by The International Sports Science Association, USA Track & Field, USA Weightlifting, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Kids & CrossFit Mobility.

Peter Kazanas - CrossFit 305 - Miami, FL
Peter Kazanas (Panos) has a 2:26 Fran, a 3:11 Diane, took 4th at Sectionals, 18th at Regionals (2010), 13th in the Sectional Open, 8th at Regionals (2011), & recovered from a near career ending injury to return to the top 25 in the Southeast Regional in 2012. He can kick your butt at just about anything CrossFit related, not that he’d ever tell you that.
He has been a personal trainer for longer than he can remember and is dedicated to the clients at 305. He’s a patient teacher with an eye for form & a mind  built for teaching proper movement.

Pete is certified by CrossFit, USA Weightlifting, CrossFit Gymnastics & has held certification from NASM.


Dominic Sirianni is the webmaster and office stud at CrossFit 305.  He can deadlift 600 pounds and eat a full jar of almond butter in one sitting. His steady mind has helped 305 & A1A grow immeasurably. Dom is regularly behind the scenes pulling strings, making things happen & asking for nothing in return.

Dom is has his CrossFit L-1, his USAW L1 as well as his CrossFit mobility  certification.

Chad McKay is a former Army Green Beret and continues to get stronger and fitter since joining the 305 & A1A team.
He’s the patient quiet type that can help you master skills you never knew you had. Chad is repeatedly mentioned as one of our favorite coaches.  In 2012 Chad qualified for the CrossFit Games Southeast Regional where he competed as an individual.

Chad has his CrossFit L-1 and is a USAW L-1 Coach.



Raiko Sarduy found Crossfit by trying “Murph” one day in the Marine Corps with a plate carrier. 2 hours later he had learned to Love/Hate Crossfit like the rest of us. Raiko’s coaching style definitely reflects his Marine Corps background and he’s not afraid to yuck it up and be a real “bro”, but when the clock hits the hour and he calls you to bring it in you know he will bring the same level of professionalism to his new career.

crossfit-305-miami-coach jeff
Jeff Costomiris
is an experienced trainer that brings a wide background in fitness to our facilities. His sense of humor and ability to work with a wide range of athletes sets him apart. He can be found at both 305 & A1A helping people of all levels live up to their potential.


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