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Warm-up 1) Mobility for CNJ 2) 2 rds, 25 Jumping jack variation/ 15 Drop squat/ 10 Squat/ 5 plyo jump/ 5 Strict pull-up AM session (optional) 3) Practice Bar muscle-ups then perform 3 minute AMRAP Burpee BMU x 3 rds, rest 3 min after each rd, PM session Barbell 1) Clean and jerk to max for the day in 20 minutes 2) Perform 1-1-1 at 90% of max for day 3) Front squat 3-3-3-3-3 Conditioning 4) 5 rds each Even minutes: 20/15 Calorie Row Odd minutes: 25/15 Push-ups Core 5) G...


Warm-up 1) 500 run/ 500 row/ 100 dubs/ 50 Push-ups Barbell 2) Bodyweight OHS x 15 reps( Scale load as needed to get 15 reps) 3) Hatch squat (week 12/ day 1) 4) Work up to heavy 2 step Clean and jerk prior to conditioning Conditioning 5) 5 Minute AMRAP Max reps CNJ(135/95), must complete 400 meter run within time frame in order for reps to count Core 6) 3x20 GHD sit-up


These next 2 weeks will close out Phase 2. You should be done with the Hatch cycle by now. If not then continue with it until you are done. In an effort to build community do Wednesday's  Metcon with Class and on the same clock. The WODs will be beefed up a little bit for anyone that wants to push themselves a little more. Congrats to all those who PRed their Fran and Helen! Warm-up Movement prep for snatch Barbell   1) Work up to heavy snatch 2) Snatch 5x3 Conditioning 3) 2 Mile r...


Warm-up Movement prep for Clean and jerk Barbell complex 2 Stop Power clean (hang/ high hang) + Front squat + jerk (1+2+3) x 5 (45/33) Barbell 3 TNG CNJ (50% of CNJ) EMOM x 10 Hatch squat (Week 10/ day 1) Conditioning 500row 50 Squats 40 Push-ups 30 Pull-ups 20 HSPU 10 Muscle-up/ C2B pull-up Skill Rope climbs- Practice speed of movement and making it up in 2-3 moves or less.  

Thursday the 27th of June, 2013

21 Handstand push-ups 21 Ring Dips 21 Push-ups 800 meter run 15 Handstand push-ups 15 Ring dips 15 Push-ups 400 meter run 9 Handstand push-ups 9 Ring dips 9 Push-ups   First Fridays-Bring a friend or a family member for free workout Second Saturdays Free Workshop, Saturday July 13 Nutrition challenge weight in is this Sunday, June 30th from 9-1pm at 305.  Stay after for water balloon fight and grilling.