The Swamp Monster Cometh

Registration starts at 7am
Swamp starts at 9am
All classes cancelled

“High Ball”
For time, 21, 15 & 9 reps of:
11′ Wall Ball Shot
4′ Long Jump Burpee
8 minute time limit

RX 20/12
Int, Mas 20/10
Beg 10/6

“Grip Face”
3 rounds for time of:
21 Calorie Row
15 Kettlebell Swings
9 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 minute time limit

RX 70/53
Int/Mas 53/35 Men chest/women chin
Beg 35/26 chin NO BANDS

“The Separator”
30 Pistols
25 Handstand Push Ups
20 Power Cleans, 225/133
15/10 Ring Muscle Ups
10 Squat Cleans 225/133

WOD 3 Intermediate/Masters
30 Toes to Bar
25 Deadlifts 155/103
20 Power Cleans 155/103
15 Shoulder to Overhead 155/103
10 Squat Cleans 155/103

WOD 3 Beginner
305 meter trail run
25 Deadlift 95/63
20 Power Clean 95/63
15 Shoulder to Overhead 95/63
10 Squat Clean 95/63
15 minute time limit

Top 4 square off for the glory, cash & prizes.

All loads, time limits, movements and WODs subject to change.
Good Luck!

  1. Rob S Reply
    Damn! This is games quality stuff! Too bad its a week before the games, Team Vida would love to kick ass on these wods! Dale!
  2. DM Reply
    Who's Dale?
  3. PANOS Reply
    DM its Da-Le!
  4. isabel Reply
  5. Dm Reply
    Pretty sure it's Dale.
  6. PANOS Reply
  7. becky Reply
    what about a Wednesday Yoga class?
  8. Dominic Reply
    Wednesday could work - what times though?
  9. shloimy Reply
    So when can the shabbos crew try these out?
  10. Dominic Reply
    step up Meir!!
  11. shloimy Reply
    time and place :)
  12. Dominic Reply
  13. j weezy Reply
    yoga after a weekend WOD - maybe Saturday at 10:00
  14. Jessica Rodriguez Reply
    Tried out WOD #3. Tough WOD!!!! Here are the links to the videos. Time was 14:56. Did 2 extra power cleans though so a more accurate time would be about 14:30 something. Wish I could of competed!!! Will be there to show my love and support for everyone
  15. becky Reply
    wednesday yoga, around 6 or 7 at night?
  16. shloimy Reply
    Wod shabbos style "heartburn" 9am pre-service Cholent, "Cool down" L'chaim kosher vodka and herring mid-service "the finisher" The Shul lunch
  17. Dm Reply
    Isn't all vodka kosher? You have been target marketed!
  18. Shloimy Reply 11 mile run w Jess and Dan hot like hell
  19. chad m Reply
    you think dan is hot as hell?
  20. Dominic Reply
    the problem with 6 or 7pm yoga is that there are flying barbells floating around the room at that time.
  21. shloimy Reply
    Yes, comment?
  22. jess Reply
    Shloimy- great run- good pace pretty much throughout all 11 miles. yep hot as hell.
  23. charity Reply
    what time is swamp monster tomorrow? i agree w/ saturday yoga (not 2mrw obv.)
  24. pm Reply
    Is the swamp monster to all levels?
  25. chad m Reply
    Schloimy; comment: agreed!?
  26. ernie Reply
    Big UPS to Pete, Dan, the rest of 305 that put the swamp monster together, and to all atheletes that competed. Although this was my first event, I thought the experience and event were awesome. WODS were definitely brutal.
  27. Vaughan Reply
    WOW! What a great day. Thanks to the CF305 gang for opening their box to all of us! My first competition and everyone made me feel very much at home! Very well organized day of! Thanks everyone and congrats!
  28. DM Reply
    Thanks to all that came out and made this event what it was. Judges we cannot thank you enough. Athletes it was amazing to see you go for it on another level. We will be back bigger and badder next year. Now, I'm just waiting for another fine critique from the Real CrossFitter. C'mon dude, bring it.
  29. Jonas Reply
    Dale jr or sr? Both great drivers but I rather watch F1 racing than Nascar.
  30. j weezy Reply
    What was the 4th WOD?
  31. johnny Reply
    Weezy, it was the following: 100 yard prowler push (50 out and back) with 2 45# plates on each side. Once you're back, unload your prowler, and take the weights to a bar loaded with 135#. Load it up to #315 and do: 3 rounds: 5 DL 10 wall burpees Strip bar down to 135, then: 5 squat snatch 1 rope climb 3 squat snatch 1 rope climb 1 squat snatch 1 rope climb First to finish wins
  32. DM Reply
    Talanya Fortunado killed WOD 3 in 9:41. Pretty jaw dropping. Even more was WOD 4 in 12 something. Totally fluid and under control the whole time. Total and complete domination of each WOD. Guido Trinidad was his usual self, pushing and pushing and pushing. Even when I thought he was done he dug deeper and finished. So many HUGE breakthroughs and performances for so many people. A truly amazing, awesome fantastic day.
  33. EA Reply
    Dan, will you be publishing complete times and scores of all wods?
  34. DM Reply
    Yes we will ASAP.

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