We’ve Been Sold This Idea That Change is Fast & Easy. It’s Not.

We’ve Been Sold This Idea That Change is Fast & Easy. It’s Not.

Changing the body, for-real changing and not just losing a bunch of water weight, takes time.

Real time. Months, years even.

Get your head adjusted to that, because it’s reality.

Your 21 day Keto-Pizza challenge diet MIGHT get 20 pounds off of you, but you’re not keeping it off. You know this, yet you persist.

A client recently told me, “I Lost 100 pounds last year!” The only problem was, he’d lost 25 pounds four times and put 30 back on each time.

100 lost, 120 gained, 20 pound total gain. Yep…short term mentality. This was from a smart person, a successful business person. Common sense and acumen in abundance…and yet, with food, none.

Remember, this is long term.

Nutrition is a life long habit. Diet is a lifestyle skill.
If you’ve done other short term stuff, please forget it. Challenges and other short term ideas DO NOT work. They’re a recipe for disaster, a cliff.

Once you’re done with 30 days or 6 weeks, what’s next?
Cake, pizza and no plan? On again/off again/never again?

We know this happens, we’ve seen it over and over again.

What we propose is something completely different, free of a challenge mindset that promotes overly strict adherence.

If you make a mistake on The Dan Plan Diet, no big deal. You’re not perfect.

We’re not looking for perfect, we’re looking for better.

Think of The Dan Plan Diet like learning a foreign language. It takes time to get it right and understand the subtle nuances.

“You’re a week in, we have at least 90 days to work together.” This is something I say regularly. I call this the ‘come-down-off-of-that-ledge’ speech. You’re a week in.

Maybe you didn’t stay a close to the plan as you’d like to admit, but dang it you want RESULTS!

When do you want them? NOW!!!

Slow down, enjoy the process, stay away from the scale, look in the mirror a little less. Give yourself some credit.

You made the choice, you invested in yourself.
Investments take time.

We all know there’s no such thing as a quick fix for your body. It’s common sense.

Unfortunately common sense goes out the door when it comes to body image. It’s so sensitive and unique; marketers and advertisers take advantage of that.

No one really looks like the air brushed, dieted-down, dehydrated models on magazine covers, yet we’re primally drawn to that image and our own ability (or inability) to achieve. I know because I feel the same way.

Tune out all of the noise. Trust the process. I’ve hacked the path through the jungle. I know what works, and I’m happy to guide you.

Follow the Plan, stay committed.

Be patient! Stay the course.

Results will happen, I Promise.

When you’re ready to make a real change, check out our nutrition program by clicking this text.

11:11 – A Fitness Competition

11:11 – A Fitness Competition


WOD 1 “Big Trouble in Little Haiti”

Run 800 Meters
Row 1,000 Meters
Run 800 Meters

Runs are subject to not be exact distance, and may include obstacles.

Team – 800/800 run-1000/1000 row-800/800 run

WOD 2 “Thrust or Bust”

Burpee Box Jump Over

RX 75/53 Barbell, 24/20″
Scaled/Masters 45/33, 24/20″

Full extension is not required on box jumps. Both feet must make contact with the box. Box facing and lateral is allowed. Scaled & Masters may step up. RX must jump up, but may step down.

Team – Partner A completes the full workout, then Partner B completes the full workout.

WOD 2.5 RX Only!
“Jump for Your Right to Lift”

In 5 minutes, perform:
100 Double Unders
Max Reps Ground to Overhead 135/83

In 7 minutes, perform:
200 Double Unders
Max Reps Ground to Overhead 135/83

WOD 3 “The Twenty Ones”

21 toes to bar
21 wall balls
21 pull ups
21 lunge steps, in place
21 single arm hang power snatches
21 single arm push press/jerks
21 squats
21 burpee pull ups

“The 42’s”

With a team mate, breaking reps in anyway you desire:
“The Twenty Ones”
42 toes to bar
42 wall balls
42 pull ups
42 lunge steps, in place
42 single arm hang power snatches
42 single arm push press/jerks
42 squats
42 burpee pull ups

20/14# ball, 11/10′ target
Chest to bar
40/25 DB
goblet lunge
goblet squats
8/7′ chin over bar burpee pull ups

Scaled & Masters
Hanging Knee Raises (Style points for toes to bar)
14/10# ball, 10/9′ target
Jumping Pull ups (style points for legit pull ups)
25/15 DB
goblet lunge
goblet squats
8/7′ bar touch burpees, no pull ups

10 minute time limit. For every rep you don’t complete add 1 second to 10 minutes.

18 minute limit for teams.

Why We Sell Ascent

Why We Sell Ascent

Whey is one of the most well researched supplements of all time. It’s proven to be one of the most bio-available, easily absorbed sources of protein. Ascent is made from GrassFed Whey, the highest available whey on the market. At both 305 & A1A we sell single-servings and 2 pound bags. This is one of the only protein we endorse, for good reason. It’s high quality, mixes easily and doesn’t have any artificial sweetener. Get yours today and see why we all use it.

Floor Core Vol. 2

Floor Core Vol. 2

To do any athletic endeavor you need core strength, both front and back. This routine focuses on abs, hips and lower back strength. Choose an option that fits your level. Rest as little as possible to get the work done.

Every body wants abs, but don’t nobody wanna get on the floor.

You’re not one of those people.

YOU get on the floor.

YOU get abs.

Do 3-5 Rounds of this. It’s good for you, we promise.

10-20 second V Hold

10-20 Russian Twists

10-20 Medicine Ball Sit Ups

10-20 V-Ups

How to Improve Your CrossFit Toes to Bar in 30 Seconds!

How to Improve Your CrossFit Toes to Bar in 30 Seconds!

Before you start any kipping exercise, you should have several strict reps of that exercise. If you’re not able to do strict Toes to Bar, work on increasing strength with strict knee raises, V-Ups, strict leg raises and other simple core exercises.