Litza Crushed Her Goals Using Nutrition and WODs

I started CrossFit 305 in May of 2010 (yup almost 9 yrs ago).

I had taken 9 months off from September 2017 to May of 2018 due to a difficult time for me and I also had some injuries I was trying to heal.

I started to think CrossFit wasn’t for me anymore but I missed the people and workouts every day I didn’t go during those 9 months and I was very depressed at my weight gain and how sluggish I felt.

I decided to rejoin in May of 2018 going very slowly as I was very out of shape and I still had injuries. I was looking for a nutritionist and talked to Dan about it and he told me to use his Dan Plan.

I thought to myself why not and began it in July 3rd 2018. I did the Dan plan for 7 weeks and lost 11 pounds.

It is now March 2019 and I am 30 pounds lighter and getting very strong again.

I can now do 8 strict pull-ups in a row (goal is 10) and a ton of other stuff again and my stamina is getting better and I keep getting stronger little by little.

I look forward to continuing my journey of losing more body fat and getting fitter and stronger.

A big thank you to Jeff Costomiris for being one of the nicest coaches ever and pushing me when I don’t think I have it in me……I love our CrossFit 305 family.

Aging; or Understanding That it Won’t Last Forever.

Aging; or Understanding That it Won’t Last Forever.

I’m 43. The realization that these physical gifts I’m allowed won’t last forever is starting to set in.

I no longer feel the need to get into weightlifting wars with kids 15 years my junior, but I’ll still push to beat ’em in a good conditioning test.

My day to day training, loading & intensity has gotten smarter, I’m not laying on my back at the end of every workout, frothing at the mouth; and I feel better for it.

A typical week will look something like:
Monday – Max effort
Tuesday – 75-80%
Wednesday 60%
Thursday – Recovery pace or rest
Friday – Hard effort
Saturday – Play with kids and maybe run
Sunday – Rest and relax

Previously, those would have all said Max effort.

The idea is this: exercise enough to feel good all of the time. If you’re constantly sore and beat up, ask yourself why. Why do you need to push to the point of failure – always. Is it a psychological need? If so, maybe there’s a way to meet that need at a lower intensity.

Instead of focusing on failure and falling on the floor, focus on breathing & technique. Take yourself to that same spot, but use a different skill set to get there. Use certain workouts as an opportunity to refine movements, to understand pace.Just breathe and get your heart rate up, get a little synovial fluid running through the old knees and elbows.

At the end of the day, my biggest concern for my gym members and myself is being able to move well for the long haul. I look at a few 70-80 year olds I know as examples. They eat well, they exercise regularly and they seem to enjoy life because of it.

It seems to me that the next 40-50 years will be all about the decisions I make now, and the consistency with which I implement them.

You may enjoy smashing yourself into the ground every day, and that’s ok for you…if that’s ok for you.

I have found better overall performance (MetCons, 5k’s, running with kids, playing tag and sports, etc.) from a little less volume, picking my battles and listening to my body.

I have also found better balance and a more fulfilling training week without having to compete every day.

I certainly still pick my spots, and likely always will…I just don’t try to over-pick or over-expect or over-exert.

This is my path.

Yours, of course, is up to you.

The Dan Plan Diet in 36 Words

Consume diverse vegetables & fruits along with enough protein to sustain lean mass.

Limit Sugars, starches and fats.

Develop sustainable habits for life.

Eat to live longer.

Search for better, not perfect.

Be held accountable regularly.

Paul lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks and is SHREDDED AF!!!

Paul lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks and is SHREDDED AF!!!

“Want to know how to lose 24lbs of ugly fat? Chop off your head. Well I didn’t chop off my head but I did lose 24 lbs in the last 6 weeks due to intensive remote coaching and diet by ya boy Dan Martin. Hard to believe that 20 years of partying can be wiped clean in that short of a time, but I actually weighed more at 21 years old. (I’m 41 now)”

Paul lost 24 pounds in 6 weeks using our remote workout programming and nutrition programs.

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Mario dropped 23 pounds and is SHREDDED!

Mario dropped 23 pounds and is SHREDDED!

“Before this, I tried running 15 miles a day, diet pills, special programs, and a different CrossFit gym. None of those ever worked because there was no accountability and no personal approach to me as an individual. My weight loss and progress as an athlete are a direct result from my coach, my box, and my meal plan.

This was the easiest and most difficult program I have ever been a part of. It was easy because the plans were all laid out for you; eat right, and train hard. It was difficult because it required me to keep up my performance to make sure my next week is better than my last week.

The hardest part was changing what I eat and finding the veggies that I liked. I ended up speaking to my coach and found out that I absolutely love broccoli and asparagus. I guess that’s what my coach is there for, to make sure I can still succeed when I feel like there is nothing I can do.

The easiest part was losing weight. There is no secret pill or some herbal drink you need to drink. It’s just clean eating and working out. Two things that are pretty easy.
Before this, I tried running 15 miles a day, diet pills, special programs, and a different CrossFit gym. None of those ever worked because there was no accountability and no personal approach to me as an individual. My weight loss and progress as an athlete are a direct result from my coach, my box, and my meal plan.
I am going to continue the plan and take what I learned and crush my goal. I already beat my goal by 5lbs, and I want to beat it by another 5!’
Check Out These Amazing Results! Keren is a Superstar!

Check Out These Amazing Results! Keren is a Superstar!

Keren has amazing weight loss and fitness results from a combination of Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching and Group Classes.

Read about her story right here!

“Personal Training sessions are my favorite part of the process. The 30 minute sessions twice a week are intense and kicked my butt like I would never do on my own…I gained a lot of strength which I love, I improved a lot of different skills like Push Ups, Heavy squats, Pull-ups and Rope climbs.

It was extremely empowering and a deep learning process on discovering how much my mind was limiting me in telling me that “I couldn’t do that” or “I wasn’t strong enough to do that” and Dan being a great coach could recognize that and helped me through it, literally breaking those barriers in order to move forward. Pretty amazing stuff!

The nutrition program opened my eyes to the portions I was eating ( way too big ), and that my fat intake was still way too high even though it was good fat. It made me clean up my (very clean diet or so I thought ) diet. I had to let go of my pasta, pizza, red wine cheat days. There were way too many cheat meals or cheat days for me to lose weight.

Learning how to measure out the right portions between the protein, carbohydrates and fats was a huge eye opener. Reporting my food intake on a daily basis was hard & time consuming but made a huge difference since it held me accountable on a daily basis.”

“I can say I formed healthy habits that I will always keep.”

What was the hardest part ?

“The hardest part was that I am a foodie! Absolutely love eating, my meals were a big highlight of my day. The focus had to change to ‘what’s the mission here’? …To have a good meal, or to get into shape and shed off the excess fat and feel good about myself?

I had to make a conscious choice of what I wanted my end result to be and make a decision that I was going to make it happen. A lot of times we do things out of habit or because that’s what we know.

You only realize what you really want once you identify your goals and sometimes what you have been doing is not really what makes you the happiest but is just the way you roll and that can be changed!

This is where the big shifts happen, this is when you stop running on the treadmill to just run and your actions now have a clear focus and the best part is you start creating the life style you truly want and love! It really is all about our perception and how we choose to see things. When ever I take on a new challenge that is always the hardest part, but once you have identified your goals and decided what you want your end result to be, it gets easier as you start moving along and creating new patterns.

I could say that prepping my food for the week was the hardest-taking time out of every Sundays to shop and stock up on what’s needed was not what I used to do on my Sundays but once you change your perception, you automatically create the environment that’s needed to succeed. Instead of it feeling hard , it becomes exciting to start another week all prepared and ready to go! The easiest part was-always made sure to put food on the table for my family that was healthy, meals prepared from tons of vegetables and lean protein. We were never a fast food, fried food, processed food type of house hold, so eating clean and lean was the easy part.

What have you tried before? Did it work?

Well, it’s really amazing that I have been consistent in starting my day at A1A five to six times a week for almost two years now. And if I don’t makeit in the morning, I will be there in the evening. Before that I did it all from normal gym memberships to yoga, Pilates,spinning…and everything got boring for me. I did not stick to anything more then a few months. I truly love CrossFit. I love that I know every day will be challenging and completely different, which prevents me from getting bored. I feel I still have so much more to learn and accomplish in regards to my technique and strength . I feel so grateful to have come to a box that has amazing coaches that are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. And to top it off, I have made great friendships and adore the community we have. What else could I ask for???

I will also share that I tried so many diets, none of which gave me good results. I always went up and down on the scale but never accomplished changes like I did with this nutrition plan. I lost 25 pounds!! I’m only 5′ 3″ so on my body that’s huge! My body fat is at 18%! Who would of believed that my Body Fat is in the Athlete category!! That’s insane. I’m so happy, I feel good and the goal is to maintain and continue to just get better and stronger!”

We’re so proud of you Keren! Way to go!