WOD 1 “Big Trouble in Little Haiti”

Run 800 Meters
Row 1,000 Meters
Run 800 Meters

Runs are subject to not be exact distance, and may include obstacles.

Team – 400/400 run-500/500 row-400/400 run

WOD 2 “Thrust or Bust”

Over the Box Box Burpee

RX 75/53 Barbell, 24/20″
Scaled 20/15 Dumbbell, 24/20″

Full extension is not required on box jumps. Moth feet must make contact with the box. Box facing and lateral is allowed. Scaled may step up. RX must jump up, but may step down.

Team – Partner A completes the full workout, then Partner B completes the full workout.

WOD 2.5 RX Only!
“Jump for Your Right to Muscle Up”

In 5 minutes, perform:
100 Double Unders
Max Reps Bar Muscle Ups

In 7 minutes, perform:
200 Double Unders
Max Reps Bar Muscle Ups

WOD 3 “The Twenty Ones”

21 toes to bar
21 wall balls
21 pull ups
21 lunge steps, in place
21 single arm hang power snatches
21 single arm push press/jerks
21 squats
21 burpee pull ups

“The 42’s”

With a team mate, breaking reps in anyway you desire:
“The Twenty Ones”
42 toes to bar
42 wall balls
42 pull ups
42 lunge steps, in place
42 single arm hang power snatches
42 single arm push press/jerks
42 squats
42 burpee pull ups

20/14# ball, 11/10′ target
Chest to/chin over bar
40/25 DB
goblet lunge
goblet squats
8/7′ chest to/chin over bar burpee pull ups

14/10# ball, 10/9′ target
Jumping Pull ups
25/15 DB
goblet lunge
goblet squats
8/7′ burpees, no pull ups

10 minute time limit. For every rep you don’t complete add 1 second to 10 minutes.