Mario dropped 23 pounds and is SHREDDED!

Mario dropped 23 pounds and is SHREDDED!

“Before this, I tried running 15 miles a day, diet pills, special programs, and a different CrossFit gym. None of those ever worked because there was no accountability and no personal approach to me as an individual. My weight loss and progress as an athlete are a direct result from my coach, my box, and my meal plan.

This was the easiest and most difficult program I have ever been a part of. It was easy because the plans were all laid out for you; eat right, and train hard. It was difficult because it required me to keep up my performance to make sure my next week is better than my last week.

The hardest part was changing what I eat and finding the veggies that I liked. I ended up speaking to my coach and found out that I absolutely love broccoli and asparagus. I guess that’s what my coach is there for, to make sure I can still succeed when I feel like there is nothing I can do.

The easiest part was losing weight. There is no secret pill or some herbal drink you need to drink. It’s just clean eating and working out. Two things that are pretty easy.
Before this, I tried running 15 miles a day, diet pills, special programs, and a different CrossFit gym. None of those ever worked because there was no accountability and no personal approach to me as an individual. My weight loss and progress as an athlete are a direct result from my coach, my box, and my meal plan.
I am going to continue the plan and take what I learned and crush my goal. I already beat my goal by 5lbs, and I want to beat it by another 5!’
How to Travel without Destroying Your Gains

How to Travel without Destroying Your Gains

…in 4 Stupidly Simple Steps

We all know that travel and the associated behaviors can destroy the hard fought gains you’ve gotten through so much hard work in the gym and harder work in the kitchen. DON’T LOSE THOSE GAINS!

1. PREP!

Pretty much, just get your stuff together. Know what you need to eat (not sure, ask your nutrition coach) and eat it. When flying, don’t take the peanuts. Or the pretzels. Or the bloody mary mix. Or the Ginger Ale. On the road? No excuses. Skip the gas station trash, stop at a grocery store and stock up. Carry a cooler lunch box if you fly, a larger cooler if you like when you’re driving. Seriously, it’s 2018. YOU CAN EAT HEALTHY ON THE ROAD! Check out Arno’s story for a great example:



Water. Not alcohol. Seriously, zero alcohol if possible….If you’re a drinking flyer (I used to be, that’s for sure) drink even more water. You might get that ‘trapped in the seat’ feeling once or twice asking your seat-neighbor to get out, but that minor inconvenience is worth the after effect. Drink a glass before security, another before boarding, more at drink service in the air and first thing upon landing. If you’re road tripping, flying, or boating, keep a refillable, measured container with you.


No matter what. Have a plan, stick to it. If it’s vegan, great. Paleo, fine. Macro counting, do it. Whatever it is, have your plan and stick to it. Work in a cheat if you need to, but never off of the rails! Don’t have a plan? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Contact Dan immediately! 


One of my favorite places to move and exercise is on vacation. New places, new people, new stimulus! Whether it’s dropping in at a studio or throwing around logs on a beach, there are a million different ways to stay fit. Got a prescribed plan? Great! Find what you need and get it done. No plan? Get outside, do some bodyweight workouts (examples here)  or interval training (check the Sprintervals Blog for some quick & efficient routines), or just crush your abs (check out the #ABSTOBER program here).


We’ve helped thousands of people over the past decade, both locally and remotely. We’d love to take 15 minutes and hear your story and see if we’re a good fit to work together toward your goals. To pick a date and time for your free phone consultation:

Can a “Foodie” lose weight?

Can a “Foodie” lose weight?

Daniel came to us wanting to lose 20 pounds. As a chef, he was a bit worried about sticking to the plan. What he didn’t know was the plan has AWESOME food and an amazing recipe book.

Guess what?
He lost 20 pounds using our Nutrition Accountability program!

6 weeks of guidance, meal plans and 3 days a week of exercise.
It works! Check out the video below for more on Daniel and our program.
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7 Nutrition Hacks for ANY Holiday

7 Nutrition Hacks for ANY Holiday

Holidays bring emotion, family, memories and FOOD…the perfect recipe for a nutritional catastrophe, but fear not, my 7 Nutrition Hacks for ANY Holiday will set you up for success.

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, a birthday or any other holiday, the tendency we have is to over indulge in both eating and drinking.

Use these 7 tools to help you better deal with EVERY holiday. 

  1. Eat the food, just not all of it. Eat 1 plate of food, mostly filled with lean protein (Turkey, fish, lean beef, tofu, etc), vegetables (AMGAP, as much green as possible), and healthy carbs (sweet potato, mashed potatoes, rice). Garnish by adding very small servings of guilty pleasures (if you’re able and this doesn’t trigger binge eating).
  2. Limit alcohol & sugary beverages. This is a hard one, but if you’ve got a goal it’s worth it. Have seltzer with a lime, or if you absolutely have to, have one glass of white wine. Sip it and savor it. If you need to, have a diet soda or a coffee drink with sugar substitute.
  3. Drink a ton of water. This will keep you full and dilute the sodium found in many holiday foods.
  4. Remember why you’re there. You’re there for the company, for the memories, for the good times. None of these things require over eating or drinking. Eat slow, enjoy every bite, savor every sip. Enjoy the conversation and catching up.
  5. Have dessert… only if you REALLY need to. BUT, make it something REALLY worth it. Have a half serving. Dessert Option 2: make your own healthy dessert and bring some to share. A large, beautiful fruit salad is never frowned upon.
  6. Protein up! Drink a protein shake 60 minutes before meal time. This will bring you in to the meal already satiated and not ravenous.
  7. Stop before you’re full. See #4. Eat slow, chew slow, enjoy the heck out of your food. Doing this will allow your brain to catch up to your stomach and STOP over eating.

Use these tools to enjoy every holiday to its fullest and still get the results you want. It’s hard when you start but it gets easier over time. The cake isn’t that good anyway.

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Patrick’s amazing 34 pound weight loss in just…

Patrick’s amazing 34 pound weight loss in just…

6 weeks!

“I tried the whole 30, I wasn’t ready for it. I tried a bunch of word-of-mouth programs that were ridiculously hard to keep on for more than a week or two.”

“This is the best plan I’ve been on, period.”

What was the hardest part?
I think during the second week I was getting really frustrated with getting meals cooked. My cravings didn’t “evolve” yet, so some nights, after just pure frustration of not knowing WTF to eat after a long day at work, I wanted to throw the towel in. That passed pretty quickly though. The easiest part is the overall simplicity of the program. It’s not too restrictive and very easy to follow.

So your 6 weeks finished a little bit back. You’re still going. Tell me about that. 
Everything just became a habit so I found myself pushing myself more and more. I’m at the end of the second week of Part 2 going full force. I’m feeling great. Oh, I need smaller pants!

Patrick took part in our Remote 6 Week Coaching program, including individualized nutrition and exercise guidance. His results are a great example of what is possible if you stick to the plan!